Thrice upon a tyranny

Deus Kansiime

The first awesome figure

Was the eternally prescribed ruler

Whose nose only breathed war and conceit

Whose word was the undisputable whim

Whose sceptre only stood in blood and flesh

Whose eyes were never to face a human back

Whose spittle only landed in a subject's mouth

Whose spear only rested in a servant's foot


A time later hailed strange men

Men of no colour from far lands

Ghosts of daylight with spiritual superfluity

Who saw in our homes a godforsaken wilderness

That needed special and skilful taming

They the human race experts

Chose to interpret our sub-humanness

Packaged with new laws of life and death

Daily stressing the faith that they were

The authentic heralds of God on earth

Custodians of superior reason and custom

And rule, and wisdom, and religion


The third spectacular case

Our charismatic independence messiahs

With a new breeze of renascent Africa

Chanting carols of liberation and freedom

Our lands are now their killing fields

They blight in battle like grasshoppers in a bottle

Budding a unique genre of democracy where

Our un-free freedom is quoted in sugar-coated slogans

While our blood fuels their vehicles of wealth

And our taxes swell illicit coffers

As their bullet shells nail our coffins

Forever shall their power live on our hunger and penury