The Place Where The Sun Shines

Wobusobozi Kangere

The country has fallen to the hyenas:

Basic needs ail from jobless weeks,

As youths without connections slim.

Workers survive on loans and alms,

As public servants puff-up on bribes.

Villainy has toppled the state,

And restraint abdicated Parliament.

The national treasury is a bonanza;

And allegiance is to your tummy,

In this country...


In this country,

Ambition is no field for common benefit;

It's a ring crammed with vicious canines,

Where deep bites reap fleshy rewards,

And the boldest heists lift entire clans.

Lawlessness is the Law,

And nothing is sacred in this country-

Not the cherished altars to foreign gods,

Or the unsung temples of yester gods.

Leadership is dead,

And the nation is spent of tears to wail.


In this country,

Teachers pretend to teach,

As students pretend to learn.

Extortion suffocates enterprise;

Like a fat woman sitting on a baby's nose,

For money is rare as snowflakes in sand,

So the simplest solutions die at birth,

While the best thieves grow prestige.


Alas the sun still shines,

And the gods still won't smile.

Great minds flee the borders;

But the goats still eat grass,

And the cocks still crow,

And the Hippos still yawn:

And the fish still stare,

As rulers fatten on the nation's hope,

And fear pollutes the air with apathy,

... in this country.