Dennis Bogere

The world has many lessons to pluck;
Of those, in their immensity, I have learnt;
To tame hunger on a lame thought of a feast,
To spy life peering, through death's eyes hollow and dark.

The lark, in her warble, fault I have found
Through the strained channels of my ears.
So dear I have held my dire fears
Of a long-sought future hazily veiled.

Yet still, with my mind still, I have learnt;
That, into a praised giant, a midget may turn,
That, into a courteous Titan, a dwarf may turn;
Bearing command, tall and great-voiced.

The rejoiced pomp that a snob does garb
May, in a thunderbolt's haste, be unwrapped;
His heavy-winged ego that so highly soars unwrought
Albeit nature's gravitous hands may grab.

Under wraps, golden truth may be hidden;
When the night is at its thickest and darkest
But at the break of dawn, even at its weakest,
The Divine eye may light the tight wraps of truth open.